Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Customizing Header

This is not a recipe for eating, but recipe for customizing the blogger header. I had to try different options before finding one that worked. So I thought to share what worked here.

1. I tried to remove the default header by following the steps listed
here. The steps in the main blog didn't work for me, but a comment listed on the blog worked. It basically states that go to 'Edit Html', and change the 'locked=true' to 'locked=false' for the 'div id=header-wrapper' section.
2. Click on 'Template'->'Page Elements'.
3. Click on 'Edit' for the header, and click 'Remove Element'. This will remove the default header.
4. Click on 'Add a Page Element', and click on 'Picture' and upload the picture for the header.
5. If you have a header picture of the correct size, uncheck 'Shrink to Fit' check box. Click Save.
6. Drag the new picture element where header used to be.

That's it. It should put the header with the image on the blog.


Karin said...

Thanks, I´ll try again when I have plenty of time to concentrate on what I´m doing. I am 61, you see and was not born with computers. But I have learned a lot over the past years.

RecipeBuff said...

Hi Karin, Seems like you have done a good job with your blogs. If you have any questions or if you run into any issues about changing the header for the blogger let me know.

Karin said...

Good to know. I haven´t found any pictures yet ... would like them to be foody but Swedish.

Eebeelinny said...

My blogger doesn't have all these 'page elements' thingy... Help!!!

RecipeBuff said...

That's interesting. If you are using blogspot then it should have 'Page Elements'. This should be under 'Customize'->'Template'->'Page Elements'.